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Surabaya Bromo Yogyakarta Tour

Surabaya Bromo Yogyakarta Tour is a choice of tour packages to Mount Bromo from the city of Surabaya at low prices, the best facilities provided by Wisata-Bromo.Com. Where is the meeting point or start traveling to Bromo from all areas in the Surabaya area. either for pick-up at the airport or Juanda Airport, Gubeng Station or Pasar Turi train station, houses/apartments, hotels in all areas of the city of Surabaya or Sidoarjo or other locations that we have agreed upon beforehand.

Mount Bromo Tourism Object, besides being able to be reached from Malang City, this volcano can also be reached from other cities in East Java such as Lumajang, Probolinggo and Pasuruan. And the city of Surabaya is the most common and easiest choice for a starting point for visiting Mount Bromo.

Currently, tourists visiting Mount Bromo are mostly taken from the city of Surabaya because in this city there is an airport that serves from all airports in Indonesia and even from abroad including Malaysia and Singapore.

Access to train stations from all cities on the island of Java, so many choose this hero city as the door to Mount Bromo. Apart from that, in this city there are various other interesting tourist objects to visit before heading to Bromo and the pleasure of culinary tourism typical of Surabaya.

The distance to Surabaya via the city of Bromo is only about 2.5 – 3.5 hours which can be reached by private car or other motorized vehicle which is about 130 km via Ngadisari Probolinggo and 112 km via the Tosari Pasuruan route.

Surabaya Bromo Yogyakarta Tour

Romo besides being famous for the beauty of the rising sun or familiarly called the Bromo sunrise tour is an adventure or adventure with a land cruiser to explore all tourist objects around Mount Bromo, for example seeing the phenomenon of the Bromo crater and the sublime Poten Temple, savanna meadows, Whispering Sand, Teletubies Hill and bromo sea of ​​sand, hill b 29, ranu kumbolo tour, semeru trekking and several locations of bromo and its surroundings which are included in the very interesting Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park (TN-BTS).

Bromo Tourism is the most favorite tourist object in East Java, this is marked by the large number of visitors who are not only busy on national holidays or school holidays, even weekdays or weekend visitor traffic is quite high. The appeal of the Bromo tour package from Surabaya is phenomenal.

Bromo Tour Package 1 Day or Bromo Midnight Tour

The schedule for the Bromo Tour Package for the One Day Overnight Mount Bromo Tour is as follows

  • The tour to Mount Bromo begins with a pick-up from the Surabaya City area, meeting points can be from hotels, Juanda airport, Gubeng train stations or Pasar Turi stations, bus terminals, houses, apartments, inns and hotels in the Surabaya area or other locations agreed upon
  • After meeting with our team, we are friendly for a moment then we will immediately take you to the nearest village to Mount Bromo. This trip takes about 3 hours to drive.
  • After arriving at Cemara Lawang Village / Sukapura Probolingg Village, then by changing to a shuttle vehicle or renting a Bromo jeep / or bromo hartop which we have prepared beforehand
  • The Bromo tour begins by heading to the top of Penanjakan 1 of Mount Bromo, to enjoy the beautiful sunrise from the highest peak in the Bromo tourist area.
  • After being satisfied to enjoy the beauty of the Bromo sunrise and the charm of the beauty of Bromo from the highest peak in Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, descend back into the Bromo sand sea.
  • After arriving at the parking area close to Luhur Poten Temple then proceed on foot/rent a horse to get to the foot of Mount Bromo
  • From the foot of Mount Bromo, the tour continues up the 250 steps that lead to the top of Mount Bromo Crater
  • After seeing the phenomenon of the Bromo Crater, the Bromo Surabaya tour then continues to Padang Savanah, Teletubies Hill and lastly walks and travels to Whispering Sands.
  • After Bromo Explore is complete, all are visited, then return to the original jeep shuttle post, clean up and have breakfast.
  • Then our team will take you home to the original meeting point, or another location according to the agreement
  • After arriving at the location you want the Bromo midnight tour package ends.

Bromo Tour Package Price 1 Day or Bromo Midnight Tour

IDR 330,000/person

**Service fee above is for illustration purposes only, as an indication/not an update.

With complete facilities such as vehicles for traveling Mount Bromo with hartop or landcruise, comfortable full air conditioned Surabaya Bromo rental car, return ticket to Mount Bromo, breakfast, guide and tour leader, mineral water which is always available, friendly drivers as well as courtesy, masks and unforgettable trips.

Surabaya trip package facilities to Mount Bromo

  • Accommodation Lodging, hotels, homestays, villas on Mount Bromo (for package stays at Bromo)
  • Surabaya Bromo Malang Car Rental, the type of vehicle is adjusted to the number of passengers such as Avanza, Innova, ELf, Pregio, Elf Short, ELf Long, Hi Ace, Mini Bus 35 seats, Big Bus 50 seats (AC/BBM/Driver)
  • Entrance ticket to the tourist object visited
  • Jeep rental on Mount Bromo
  • Meals and Mineral Water During the Trip (Full board package)
  • Tour Leader

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