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Required information for Trekking at Rinjani Mountain

Reception at Mataram Airport
The team of Lombok Trekking Travel Service warmly welcomes our valued clients at Mataram airport. Of course our Guides offer drinks upon arrival of our valued clients at Mataram airport.

Hotels, at Senggigi , Senaru and sembalun
We are provides different hotels from to * 4 *3 or *2 stars in senggigi, and Losmen Senaru or sembalun northern areas. These are tourist class hotels located in nice places.

Upon arrival to last villages we provide hotels near small cities because LT staff and our valued clients need to finalize their purchasing and final packing before leaving cities. Also our clients would like to be closer with the local people and want to visit touristy places around cities.

Our Transport

Lombok Trekking Travel Service  provides fully Air-conditioned transport from airport or Senggigi to north Lombok. Senaru or sembalun on mini bus from remote areas to villages.


Lombok Trekking Travel Service Teams
All our staffs are from Senaru and sembalun village (North Lombok). Guides and Porter are well trained in their profession through Rinjani National park. Especially Cooks are well and clean food

Lombok Trekking  Travel Service  Guide
The job of Lombok Trekking Guide and Porter they already been many Times experience and climbing and the have mountain Trek Licensed for Rinjani National Park

We are provides all committed services transport, hotels, food, porters and equipment also he arranges fresh food from villages. LT guide assists and informs rescue team and Rinjani mount Trek center office, in case of any problem occurred in the mountains.

Lombok Trekking  Travel Service Equipment
We are provides sleeping tents while in camps, actually these are 3 men tents but LT provides as double tent.

Lombok Trekking  Travel Service provides Sleeping Bag, Tent, Matras, sticks, warm cloths, jacket sweeter, rain coat, Trekking shoes, Toilet tent, etc.

Kitchen Equipment
We are tea Mugs, Plates, spoons, forks, sweet bowels, soup bowels, washing bowels, pressure cooker, cooking pots and other required utensils.

Low altitude porters
Low altitude porters carry 25 KGS from first day trekking to bass camp Crater Rim ’s wages, food, equipment are included.

High altitude Porters/ Rinjani
We are pleased to inform you that we have well known and professional high altitude equietment who already climbed several above 3726 m Peaks Lombok .

Personal Equipment for trekkers
Clients are advise to bring their , crampons, sticks, worm cloths, jacket, sweeter, Shirts should be loose fitting, Raincoat, Scarf, Gloves, Trekking shoes, sun glasses, sun cream, moisturizing cream or lotion own towels, lavatory paper, shampoo, first aid medicines etc.

Sample Food Menu during Camping
Our team will provide you below mentioned food while in camps. Professional cook is making daily menu from below mentioned food list and inform tour leader. LT Assure you to provide quality food with clean kitchen staff.

Local dishes can be providing according to choice or taste of our valued clients.

Each morning Kitchen staff will give you wake up call with cup of tea and hot water for washing. Regularly you will get boiled water for drinking and your water bottles will be filled each evening.

Note- Please write us if need any especial item to increase in your food list.

Breakfast Time
Apple Jam, pineapple Jam, Coffee, Black/Green /Milk Tea, banana pancake, pineapple jam and fruit salad

Lunch Time
Noodles soup, Candies Drinking Chocolate, Mix Fruits, Biscuit Cream, Biscuit Sweet, Crackles Biscuit, Chips, Green /Black Tea, Dry Fruits /seasonal fresh fruits.

Break Time( At Noon )
Tea or Coffee, chip cracker biscuit , etc

Note- we provide hot lunch during trekking.

Dinner time
Fried fish , Chicken curry, Fresh vegetables, , Plain Rice, Chinese Noodles, Sausages, Tomato Ketchup, Vegetable soups, Chicken Soups, Green /Black Tea, and mix Fresh Fruit


These guidelines help minimize the impact of your visit on the natural environment and also on other visitors. Help to keep the park unspoiled for future visitors.

Remove rubbish :

Litters is unattractive, harmful to wildlife, and can increase. Plan your trip to minimize rubbish by not taking bottles and cans. Rinjani has a “pack it in –pack it out” policy, so be sure to carry out of the pack whatever you carry in.

Keep to the track :

By keeping to the trail, you avoid trampling undergrowth and risking getting lost in the forest.

Camp with care :

When camping, camping, leave no trace of your visit.

Keep streams an lake clean :

Wash well away from the water source by talking water in a container. Soap and detergent are harmful to the creatures that live in the streams alike, drain used water into the ground.

Bury toilet waste :

In areas without toilet facilities, bury your toilet waste in a shallow hole well away from waterways, tracts, campsites and shelter. Take care with fires. Portable fuel stoves are less harmful to the environment and are more efficient than fires. If you must use a fire, keep it small and make sure that the fire is out before leaving by dousing it with water and checking the ashes.

Respect cultural and natural heritage :

Help protect the spiritual and historical significance of Mt. Rinjani by respecting our local culture. Conserve wildlife and plants of the National Park by not removing anything.

Consider other visitors :

Walk quietly trough the forest so that you do not disturb the wildlife that you and others have come to see.

Enjoy your visit :

Enjoy your visit and before leaving the area take one last look – will the next visitor know that you have been here